Woodwave – interactive surface

We were looking for inspiration in the world of organic forms, we used coco-palm leaves for experimentation. A simplistic paper model was made as a blueprint, our further form experiments were based on this test model. We were changing the size and the surface of streaks, the technology of inflection and screw, so we got a new optically outstanding, convex design.

We wanted to create a surface with a decorative and awareness-raising function, so people can observe it when they pass by. This surface is able to induce people to touch it and to play optically with the formal and visual transition. An optical and tactile connection is created between the viewer and the panels. Through this dynamical wave motion (the walls of) the building comes to life while we are walking next to it.

We used ply-wood for models, made of maple which can be adaptable by original modules because of its flexibility. It consists of 6-7 mm thick, 50 mm wide and 3000 mm long pared slats. Components are flexible even if they are dry. Glue and a specially manufactured template which is made for the given module will be used to fix them. The wood has to be varnished (colorless), so it won’t lost its natural surface.

2011 - Finnagora WoodCave Design Award