When we were designing the Nissyoku lamp, our goal was to create a lighting device which smoothly fits into the culture of the Land of the rising sun. In the Japanese culture, the meaning of light is life and light brings forms alive. According to these, we designed the lamp, and its light determines the object’s character, existence, and meaning.

We got inspired by the solar eclipse. We think this is the most beautiful phenomena of the connection of light-shadow contrast in nature.

The lamp can be used as hanging chandelier table or wall lamp. The lens-form panels found on both sides can move to multiple directions. The way and strength of the light are adjusted by the degree of the turning. The panels are fixed on the lamp by the magnets. The lamp can be switched on or off by touching the middle metal ring.

2010 - Koizumi International Lighting Design Competition - Gold Award
2010 - Koizumi International Lighting Design Competition - Excelent Design Award
2011 - Hugarian Design Award
2011 - Red Dot Design Award

Moholy Nagy University Of Art And Design Budapest
Photo: Abel Krulik / SOMNIUM studio