Mood - analogue augmented reality glasses

Analogue Augmented Reality Glasses Revolutionize Music Experience. MOOD Glasses will make you feel inside your personal video clip. The MOOD glasses creating a layer between the reality and the user’s eyes. The unique accessory offers unique visual sensation for fashion, fun, flow and music fans.

The rotating lenses of the glasses filter light differently and create a surreally altered view. The user can enjoy the full spectrums of sound effects and reverberation for an unprecedented crazy synesthetic trip.

Black or UV coloured plastic frame can be fitted with a variety of 6 patterned and 2 UV filtered lenses by choice. When rotating the patterned lenses relative to each other in the frame, a vast number of unique optical effects are created such as the Moiré-effect. Each lens filters the in- coming light differently and the patterns will overlap, providing random and dream-like visions to the wearer. The maximum effect can be achieved in bright sunlight and combined with music when visual and audio perception multiplies creating a unique and magical experience.

Moholy-Nagy University of Art And Design Budapest
Co-designer: Agoston Bence
Photo: Monokrom photo