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Social loneliness
whom you don’t know >> terrain feature

In large masses of megapolises the ’social loneliness’ is a noticeable phenomenon. People in the crowds are striving to be alone as they have no connection or relation or a common reason why they gathered in that particular place. By waiting for vehicles of public transportation, people’s main aim is to keep distance between each other. People even do not talk to each other until something tragic or drastic happens, for instance, an accident or an event which results in dissatisfaction.

Making contact
#publicplace #well-marked #gatheringpoint #bringcloser #makeyoulaugh

There is a need for an equipment, which shows a way towards the user’s personality, takes the first steps in order to make people who are in same emotional condition find each other easier and to transform from a terrain feature into a person in each other’s eye. For this reason, we designed a public element, which is showish, takes the first steps and there is no passing next to it without words.

T-mobile VIII. Sustainable Day Award

Moholy Nagy University Of Art And Design Budapest
Co-designer: Zsófia Mihály